Standard course

French is the 2nd most frequently taught language in the world (with 80 million pupils and students) and the 2nd national language in Switzerland.

What are you waiting for: learn French !

Are you a beginner or do you already have the ability to converse in French? The Alliance Française de Zurich offers courses adapted to each language level and situation.

From beginner (A1) to advanced (C2) according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), the Alliance Française de Zurich has the right course for you!

Levels A1 - A2 - Flusion Method

  • Day Timetable Level Schedule Hours Price CHF  
  • DayTuesday Timetable6.30pm-8.30pm LevelA1 Schedule02.05-25.07.2023 Hours26 (13 x 2h) Price CHF702,–
  • DayWednesday Timetable6:30pm-8:30pm LevelA2 Schedule03.05.-26.07.2023 Hours26 (13 x 2h) Price CHF702,–
  • DayThursday Timetable6:00pm-8:00pm LevelB1 Schedule04.05.-27.07.2023 Hours24 (12 x 2h) Price CHF648,–
  • DayTuesday Timetable6:30pm-8:30pm LevelB1+ Online Schedule02.05.-25.07.2023 Hours26 (13 x 2h) Price CHF702,–
  • DayMonday Timetable6:30pm-8:30pm LevelB2 Schedule08.05.-24.07.2023 Hours22 (11 x 2h) Price CHF594,–
  • DayMonday Timetable6:30pm-8:30pm LevelC1-C1+ Schedule08.05.-24.07.2023 Hours22 (11x2) Price CHF594,–


  • Small group courses: from 6 participants.
  • Price of books not included.
  • Payment of the course is possible in 2 payments upon written request at registration.

Level A1-A2

Dynamic method, you speak French from the first lesson!

Use of the innovative and unique Flusion method (, which allows you to learn French in a concrete and enjoyable way.

Immerse yourself in the rhythm and melody of the language in no time!

Flusion offers you a large amount of oral and written exercises, in which speaking and reading aloud are alternated.

A1: You will learn to express yourself with simple phrases and expressions of daily life in the present.

A2: You will expand your basic knowledge and be able to participate in a simple dialogue, in the present, future and past tenses, on topics of daily life.


Level B1

Use of the method „Entre Nous“ B1 et ” Defi 3″ (Edition Maison des Langues) and “Atelier B1 (Edition Didier)

New edition with texts and vocabulary on current topics at B1 level.

You develop your knowledge of French and practice speaking in a small and very motivated group.

You learn to write simple letters, blogs, emails. You express yourself on everyday topics and learn to express your opinion.

Niveau B2

Use of the method „Defi 4“ B2- (Edition Maison des Langues)

New edition with texts and vocabulary on current topics at B2 level.

You will develop your knowledge of French and practice speaking and writing in a small, highly motivated group! You will learn to express yourself more fluently and spontaneously, to participate in discussions during which you express your opinion.

Level C1

Use of the method „Edito“ C1- (Edition Didier)

New edition with texts and vocabulary on current themes at C1 level.

You speak quite fluently and spontaneously and formulate your opinions accurately and relatively correctly.


Level C2

You can understand almost anything you read or hear without effort. You can reconstruct facts and arguments from a variety of written and spoken sources, summarizing them coherently. You can express yourself spontaneously, very fluently and precisely, and understand the fine nuances of meaning in complex subjects.